Why Social Life Leads to Wealth

No person is an island.

If you had all the wealth in the world and were the only person in the world, you would most likely be one depressed individual.

I would rather have one loyal dog over a billion dollars with no person to share it with.

People make life valuable. People make life amazing. It is in your best interest to get relationships with people, because they determine your various existence, which is great. I recommend people to read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, because for you to function in the world, you must learn how to interact with other people, especially if they are different religions, cultures, social economic backgrounds, and other varieties. Even interacting with other individuals with similar backgrounds as yours will want different ways of being spoken to. Not every Catholic should be treated like a Catholic. Not every Christian is really a Christian. You need to be able to discern the differences between the people you interact with.


About the second quote, one dog is worth more than the billion dollars, because of multiple interpretations. First, if you are the only person in the world and have one billion dollars, the billion dollars will mean nothing. You will own everything. Money is only important relative to other people. Money is used to buy products from others at opportunity cost. No other people to purchase from makes it irrelevant to have money. Second, if you have money and no person wants to work with you at all. That is one of the worst forms of depression. Third, if you have money, you are acknowledging that you want others to make materials for you to purchase. You are subconsciously saying that you need others, even if to make you products. You need others to constantly improve products, so you can purchase more. Even if you were given all the improvements in the world and they only belonged to you, you would still be depressed. Who would you flaunt your wealth to? Money is important relative to others. In summary, having people that are genuinely happy to know you is more important than having much money. A dog is an example of undying loyalty, which is what people ultimately want.


It is usually the things that are overlooked that people truly want. Many people look at a doctor and are jealous of the car, the house, and all the toys the doctor has. Let us forget about the 12 years of schooling after undergraduate education it takes to become a doctor and look at what doctors have. Some want the money doctors get, so they can purchase the house, cars, and live in luxury. Therefore, they do not want to be a doctor. They want the items of a doctor, because it will make them “happy” and “comfortable”. If you really want that, then avoid the 12 years of schooling and find ways to make income streams from other areas of life, such as in real estate, starting an online company, or another method that your ingenuity can provide. If you choose to go through all the trials and tribulations of a doctor for the money, you will find yourself working harder than ever to maintain your life, which will make you miserable and possibly regret your decision.


Find what you really want and go after it. Do not deviate, as long as it is God-willing.

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