I’m not Crazy; However…

It is crazy to me when I look back and notice how people act when it comes to money. I know some of the brightest minds and the best individuals who inevitably spend their time doing things that I would question when it comes to money. They say that it is important to obtain the best job that you can, with all the best qualifications that can be used to get the best job possible, which includes getting a job that you will work at for years and years, while they offer you a 401k. This is nothing to smile at, and it is important to make sure that you get your mind right, unless you want to spend your entire life working and studying to be one of the masses, who believes obtaining a new job is a requirement for wealth.

That is such an old way of thinking. How do I know? It is because, after you spend at least two hours a day learning what it takes to become rich, and you realize you have to discard the old rules for building wealth, you find out that working hard to save money is not the correct way to build wealth. It is actually the worst way to build wealth, because it leads to many wasted years and lots of dependence on a job that sucks. This does not apply to factory jobs, either. This also applies to jobs like scientists and doctors, where these people can be extremely miserable. Do not forget the lawyers, too. It can be quite depressing to rely on something that does not guarantee you the safety you want, especially when your boss can cut your string like it is silly string. Spoiler alert: Your boss, or supervising manager, can have her string cut by her boss.

You can easily ignore this message and pretend like it is completely trash. However, when you take that paycheck and notice how much you pay for taxes, which is like 30% (check all your employee taxes here), you will wonder why entrepreneurs like me can get away with 10% tax, and, in some cases, -% tax, in which I receive money (it exists!)

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