An Encore Presentation

The social life is here to do an encore of a special presentation that we have had earlier! It calls for a celebration, because we have some lucky people who want to be in love!

Think about the first time you were in love and the next time you will be in love.

Now, the question is why girls are attracted to boys. Let us mature it some more. Why are women attracted to men, and why are men attracted to women? Why do these two human genders fall so magically in love with each other and procreate and have everything offered to them in a way that makes them want to be together until their deaths? It is a very precarious situation and is very different than how it is in the animal kingdom. Many times a female will eat the head of her male lover (as in praying mantises) or the male will just shoot its sperm out into the environment, never to return again (as in some fish), or a male and female will remain bonded for a season, just to leave and start the search again (such as in many relationships).

Now, would the females just want the men so they can flash off their beauty and get pursued? Is the whole point in order to get their ego stroked, with men constantly chasing after them, because they are so beautiful? Based on some evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin, there may be the case for females to want to be approached by men in order to know they are still pretty. After all, it may be quite inconvenient and awkward if females were to do so much and end up not being dubbed “pretty” or “gorgeous”.

It is to our best interest that we grant you the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision, so you may believe what you want when it comes to why men are attracted to women and vice-versa. After all, it is a common phenomenon that is quite accepted. Girls take men to school dances and vice-versa. It seems that there must be some sort of evolutionary basis for why that is the case, and it can make life much easier when you know why you are attracted to a member of the opposite sex! It can make your game, or your approach at love all the more easier to obtain, because you know the genetic basis for why that is the case! What could be cooler than knowing why you do the things that you do? What could be more amazing that knowing the genetic basis for you to make the choices that you make when it comes to loving people of the opposite sex!


When you choose to acknowledge that there may be some evidence out there that shows you why you want to believe in a certain way or act in a certain way, you can be confident that you will be making strides to knowing why and how you act when it comes to sex, parenting, or anything of the nature or sort. It is quite an interesting topic to speak about, and we know that you will go on reading to get the information you need!


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