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The social life is something like:

Social if there were some words in those text bubbles.


Social life is exactly what you expect it to be. It is full of people that engage in discussion to address topics that are unimportant (important to them) and important (unimportant to others). Social forums are just good places to have excuses to talk to others.

It is not uncommon. Many of us like to spend our times on our phones or on Facebook, because we enjoy wasting our time indefinitely. We are passionate about giving the quality time that we are blessed with to people who could care less about what we post on Instagram. After all, it is important to feel important when we know that we are not as important as we really think we are. We have an Instagram with 500 followers, maybe even 2,000 followers, and now we think we have 2,000 people that are generally interested in what we have to say. If you think about it, 2,000 people is basically having a concert about you. Do you really think that 2,000 people are eager to hear what you have to say?

Chances are you just lied to yourself. Shame on you. You know the answer is “no”. Even if you said that you would drop out of school and said you would go to the streets if there was no response, all 2,000 people would not respond if they saw your message. Therefore, you must not be important (just kidding, not really). Besides, 2,000 followers only to get 50 people like your pictures is chump change. If you want to see a real person with followers that is not us, then just check this out. If you had 2,000,000 followers, you would be doing damage. Even if you had 200,000 followers, you would be doing damage. 2,000 people could have come from pressuring people to follow you so you follow them. It is a futile attempt at being famous, because of the lust to be important. Do not be ashamed. It is a common feeling.

Now, let us judge ourselves. We have approximately 20,000 followers (19,974 to be exact). Now, that is not like the 200,000 people needed to do damage like we said earlier, huh critic? As a business starting off, having 20,000 follow you is quite amazing, After all, if you start your business yourself, we are positive that getting 20,000 followers in one day (without any previous fame) would be more difficult than you think. We are only growing as well, so that 20,000 (19,974, we like to think 20,000 because it sounds better 🙂 will only grow to become a larger number, maybe 20,001 members. Who knows? Maybe we will get to Selena Gomez’s numbers as we showed in the link above. Check out the same link again to see the numbers.

Check us out in a little bit, so that we can surprise you with our million dollar followers!

20,000 (19,974) Followers Today!