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Investments: Thumbs Up. Grow Money, Do Not Just Save It.

Today, we are going to speak on something that is very close to my heart. It is going to be about something that people always proclaim again and again. We are going to talk about job security, or what I would like to call so-so security. That is what Robert Kiyosaki said in regards to social security; however, I am going to apply it to job security. Job security; It sucks. We all know that nobody wants to spend 10 years of their life in the same desk listening to the same people complain about the same thing that they did when they started 10 years ago. We all know that nobody wants to work somewhere for three years just to get a $50 raise, so they can buy more expensive car or more expensive house for more gas for life anyways. Honestly, I don’t want to job. I am in medical school, and I do not want to job. I do not want to be told what to do for the rest of my life by people who do not care about me. That just sounds like misery. This is what I hear from so many mentors and from so many people who constantly say just study hard, you get more letters after your name, and you will be secure for life and I would be able to have an exciting job. These are people were giving me a financial advice when they barely know how to balance a checkbook. These are the same people who constantly say that they need to work on themselves and invest in themselves by doing everything by themselves, because if they don’t and they are dumb. That is one of the stupidest dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard in my life. How much can you really do by ourselves? How many things are you really able to know by yourself? You are so much as one person.

You can obviously be a great person and do 200,000 things under the sun; However, when you get older, as you will you will realize that it is very hard to do everything on your own. It is hard to wake up on her own and then do all these surgeries on her own, study how to pay your taxes on your own, and pay your mortgage on her own and go to children’s games on your own and find out with meaningful life on your own. You need to work with others. Too often, I am just wrapped up with people who constantly say that you need to constantly work on yourself. I hear too much garbage that I need to save money or that I need to learn what it means to be humble or that I need to stop worrying about money, because monies are not everything (we agree that money is not everything), although they spend every waking hour of the day going to the job so they can get paid and then come home and work on bills. 

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Saving Money to Wealth: Thumbs Down

It is kind of ironic that people will spend so many of their waking hours working for the same thing that they say is not important. If money is not important, then why are you spending 30 years of your life working for it? If it is so unimportant, why are you willing to risk missing your daughter’s baseball game, just so you do not get fired from a job for an unimportant dollar?


Sounds quite ironic, doesn’t it?

After all, money is not important, right? So is missing your daughter’s baseball game. So is missing your brother’s baseball game. So is missing your wife’s crossing the finish line at the marathon. Of course working a job is not about the money. It is about serving the country, of course.

Yea right.